Mission Statement

The mission of this committee is craft innovative, creative, workable solutions to Florida's challenges, such as health care, education, employment opportunity and tax reform, using the best ideas from all Floridians.


Committee for an Innovative Florida is a Political Committee, organized pursuant to Chapter 106, Florida Statues, and is an independent and autonomous organization, not affiliated with any political party. The Committee is not a branch or subsidiary of any national, state or local political committee. The Committee is empowered to raise funds for the purpose of furthering these principles; to make contributions from such funds to those persons seeking public office, who by their acts have demonstrated an interest in implementing these principles; to employ such persons as necessary to further the purposes of the Committee; to operate a Political Committee in accord with the provisions of Chapter 106, Florida Statutes, as it now exists or may hereafter be amended; and to do any and all things necessary or desirable for the attainment of these purposes.

Floridians have complete access to all financial records through this public website committeeforaninnovativeflorida.com. Committee for an Innovative Florida discloses the names of contributors to and expenditures from the PC on this web site. Furthermore, no officer or director of this PC will solicit, cause to have solicited or accept any contributions on behalf of Committee for an Innovative Florida during a regular or special Session of the Florida Legislature.

Committee for an Innovative Florida was founded by Florida State Representative Shawn Harrison.